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I have an umbrella "catch all" configuration set up on the router but i want to be a bit more locked down for the kids;  I installed NextDNS on the machine the Kids use, and set the app to use the kids configuration but if i switch users the app still uses the configuration the previous user account was set to. I even tried installing the app on another user account on the same machine with the umbrella configuration specifically set, but unless I go to settings in the app and hit save again it appears to still use the previous configuration.

Is there any way to get a particular user account to automatically switch to a different configuration?

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  • You haven't specified what OS, but it sounds like a Windows type of issue.

    If it is, try the below instruction for each user you want NextDNS installed for.


    You could try installing the app for a single user by installing to the following directory: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local

    For more details, do an online search for installing an app for single user only.

  • Yes sorry you're right it's on a windows machine. Thanks, will try this!

  • Have now installed the app for two different users in their AppData\Local folders, and can confirm this still doesn't work unless you right click on the app in the systray, click settings and then save (the correct configuration key is remembered, so just clicking "settings" and then "save" switches over to the correct configuration.

    I can't rely on my children doing this every time they log in so what's another option here?

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      Lee Marrett I suppose that's how it was designed to operate then. If it's NOT a bug, you could also suggest it in the Ideas subforum.

      Overall, DNS may be the wrong solution here. You may consider using a product such as Windows Live Family Safety which offers far more features and analytics.

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