Is NextDNS trustworthy? Where is your legal contact?

I was testing NextDNS a lot and implementing it in different scenarios and it really looks like a great technical implementation with lot's of thoughts and skills. Actually I love it!

That being said, there is a massive downside.

I was also about to spread the word about it, but then I wondered: who am I actually recommending? NextDNS is not only hiding DNS lookups from providers, but also contact information and legal information to it's community! Whom to blame, if suddenly NextDNS is starting reselling your information?

There is no legal contact on the webpages, no phone number, no owner information (besides two claimed names). I even ordered a paid plan, but one doesn't get a formal invoice.

What's going on here?

Is this really a trustworthy company?

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  • The privacy policy is available at https://nextdns.io/privacy, names of the well known founders are on the home page and you can download your invoices from your account.

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  • Ah! I was missing the download button! Thank you!

    So this is the corporate address. 

    2810 N Church St PMB 73778
    Wilmington DE 19802-4447
    United States

    But I was really puzzled, why it's so much hidden, and the policy is short, which is good, but likely incomplete eg considering GDPR.

    If I compare NextDNS with Cloudflare service and their description of how stuff works: there is a lot more transparency. If I may make a suggestion: please enhance your website to make it look more like a real corporate website and become more transparent, too.

    This is a privacy product, so information and transparency are IMHO key.

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    • B S I went to Business school and they told us to be wary of a companies that do not post their address, their telephone number, or any other contact information. You are just setting yourself up for 'THE BIG RUN-AROUND' while they are happily spending your hard earned money !

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      Harry M Joseph I mean, I get your point but while that applies to newer companies with barely any info on themselves, I'd also add that looking at the companies background and how long they existed for and how large they are as also things to compare.

      If NextDNS was a company like above, they wouldn't invest a large sum to grow their Network this much (https://www.dnsperf.com/#!dns-resolvers) nor would they be a known and respected company.

      So its for you to consider but I've been using their service for years now, and I also take the time out my day to try to be active on the forums, if this company was problematic me or the other people who go on the forums who are active and not only use but take the time out of their days, logically speaking they wouldn't do that for a product/business without liking what they are doing.

    • Hey I agree with you that to assess the reputation of a business you need to take more things into consideration. However I also had a problem with this because it is unusual that it is so hard to find information about corporate address on a company website. Especially when you compare NextDNS with other DNS services:
      https://quad9.net/ - the the bottom
      https://flashstart.com/filtering-dns/ - the the bottom

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      servilo DNSFilter/FlashStart are mainly enterprise services first so they have their contact info, pretty sure NextDNS business also has an email when on Business/Education plans. Quad9 is also among that with IBM etc being behind them and a nonprofit from my knowledge. The only real difference there is CleanBrowsing.

      This behavior also exists with other services where they don't have address/phone info. So seems like user oriented services don't really have it as they aren't mission critical.

    • Harry M Joseph this is good point. My client has been billed twice but I cannot find any contact information?

    • Rob Nicholson billing@nextdns.io

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