Recent NextDNS package for OpenWRT is missing init script

I'm attempting to install OpenWRT 21.02.01, and have installed the nextdns package.  However NextDNS does not startup at boot.  Here's what the package contains:

# opkg files nextdns
Package nextdns (1.37.3-1) is installed on root and has the following files:

Looking back at my old installation, that package contains an init script, which seems to be necessary:

# opkg files nextdns
Package nextdns (1.4.23-1) is installed on root and has the following files:

Am I missing something, or is the latest openWRT package incomplete?

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  • Playing around with the nextdns 1.37.3 executable, it accepts some commands, including:

        install         install service init on the system
        uninstall       uninstall service init from the system

    I ran the install command, and it did install a rudimentary /etc/init.d/nextdns file.  This does allow OpenWRT to boot, and does configure dnsmasq to properly forward DNS requests through NextDNS.  However this script is incomplete, as it does not include a 'stop' procedure.

    Requiring addition CLI steps to get the tool operational - without any corresponding documentation - is totally at odds with normal expectations for OpenWRT packages.  The generated /etc/init.d/nextdns file should be included in the package.

    • Michael Barton the package calls the install subcommand to install the init script. This way all init for all platforms are handled in a central place.

  • I installed NextDNS package on Openwrt, and it works great

    OpenWrt 21.02.1 r16325-88151b8303 / LuCI openwrt-21.02 branch git-21.314.39479-e1ccb66

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