HK DNS is horribly slow

It took me 2 months to figure out what's causing all the performance issues of loading of websites whenever I'm using DNS encryption (DNS-over-TLS/QUIC or DNS-over-HTTPS) and the HK dns server seems to be the culprit adding around 4 seconds of latency. That's a lot! Using a different dns provider or using the standard ipv4 dns servers immediately speed up my browsing experience. To confirm this, I've tried checking my dns server on ipleak.net and it shows that I'm using HK dns whenever dns encryption is enabled and uses singapore dns (which is 10000x preferable since I live in SEA) and france (which is a bit odd for someone from SEA) for the standard ipv4 dns servers.

2 Things:

  • Is there a way I can configure next dns to use singapore dns servers permanently?
  • Or have the HK dns server fixed so we won't have to experience these performance issues.
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