Buggy Windows Client

Have used the Windows client for ~ 1 year on a 10 machine (64 bit but client is 32 bit). Current version is  v3.0.12-2-g648bdf4

With the 'taskbar' icon you could quickly enable/disable NextDns if you needed it NOT to block traffic. A feature I liked.

The disable works fine, however, when re-enabling, the client will report "Connecting ..." or worse saying it's enabled but the nextdns.io shows it's not enabled. I also noted that the NextDNSService process seems to have excessive CPU load.

When this happens, I kill both NextDns and the NextDns service and restart, however clearly buggy.

Note: This doesn't happen every time but I denote I have 2 machines running NextDNS and had same recently issue with both.

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