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This appears in my log but appears as not encrypted. I have NexDNS setup on my Asus router and EVERYTHING shows in the log with the little lock on the right no matter what device is using the internet through the router, EXCEPT this. My main computer is running Windows 11 pro. What is it and why would it not be showing with the lock ?

Any info anyone could give is greatly appreciated. 




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    • Martheen
    • 9 mths ago
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    It's trying to verify if you have a working internet connection. If the query is resolved to an IP hardcoded inside Windows, it will assume the DNS is working correctly (otherwise, if it's resolved to another IP it might assume you're in a public wifi that requires logging in and would trigger the browser to open that screen). The algorithm was designed long before DoH-DoT-DoQ drafts, so it probably sidestepped your config somehow.

    FWIW, in my W11 install I set up DoH natively and the requests for that domain are still sent through DoH. 

      • RetiredDude
      • 9 mths ago
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      Thanks for that! Was a bit baffled about it. Doesn't seem like something I have to address or worry about. I was just trying to figure out what it was and why it wouldn't show with a lock like everything else that's encrypted.

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      • Rob
      • 9 mths ago
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      Might not be Windows, but the ASUS router doing this (it’s the default domain for the network connectivity test in the Administration - System section of the router’s web GUI).

      That would probably also explain why requests are not encrypted.

    • RetiredDude
    • 9 mths ago
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    Great community here. Great info. Thanks!

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    • Terry_Webbs
    • 7 mths ago
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    If you would like to resolve this issue permanently, and deny the the service internet access, as it is an unneeded capitalistic Microsoft 'call home' thing. Plus this will be eating in to your monthly data and queries allowance! Then there are several ways around it, firstly the ASUS router could be making the call...


    If your not bothered then please ignore this...

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