Adding some missing regional filters from uBlock

Hi ! I am looking to adding some regional filters (EST) present in uBlock but missing in NextDNS. How could it be done? Or there are any other filters under NextDNS, that covers these regional filters ?

Thanks !

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    • Calvin_Hobbes
    • 1 yr ago
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    I manually block all TLDs except the small handful I use.   That would probably be close to where you’re wanting to accomplish

    • Hey
    • 1 yr ago
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    OISD or if that doesn't help you 1HostPro/Energized Ultimate have an extensive coverage of regions. You can't use the Ublock Filters on DNS so those would be the alternatives that you have.

    1HostPro is a bit more aggressive but if you allow Affiliate Tracking it should block all the regional ads that I know of that can be blocked with DNS.

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