NextDNS for Windows & mapped workplace network drive


I am using Windows 10 with NextDNS for Windows and Linksys router using NextDNS DNS servers.

I can connect to my workplace via VPN and access resources. However, I am unable to connect to mapped workplace network drives/folders (I get a Network Error). Windows 10  Network Diagnostics indicate that NextDNS is blocking the connection..see below

Details about network security diagnosis:

Settings that might be blocking the connection:
Provider name:  -
Provider description:  -
Filter name:  NextDNS
Provider context name:  -

When I remove NextDNS for Windows, and use YogaDNS (with my NextDNS config) everything works fine and I am able to connect to the mapped network drives. I am hesitant to continue using YogaDNS because it occasionally slows down or drops network connections.

Is this a bug in NextDNS for Windows or is there a remedy I can implement on my end?





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