Terminus (digital advertising tool) login blocked?

I use NextDNS all the time and try to have it always enabled

i started a new job, and we use a tool called Terminus 

when I go to the site - www.home.terminusplatform.com/login - and NextDNS is enabled, the site loads, but it blocks the login portal from loading.

i added the domain to the allowlist, but the site is already allowed so no fix there. It has to be somehow enabling / allowing the login portal 


I disabled NextDNS and the login portal works no issue 


I’m at a loss of what I need to enable, though, to get the login portal to show - while still keeping NextDNS enabled


if anyone has any ideas - please let me know

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  • Did you try adding the root domain terminusplatform.com to the allowlist ?

      • eoddc5
      • eoddc5
      • 7 mths ago
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      Greg B.  hey Greg , yeah that and home.terminus

      • Greg B.
      • nisten
      • 7 mths ago
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      eoddc5 You probably need to create another config (just for work) and remove any blocklists then have your work device(s) use this new/separate config (or possibly have your work device(s) only use this new/separate config at the browser level). Since it's an ad tool, it's very likely that all US-based blocklists will interfere with the site loading

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