Twitter is somehow bypassing NextDNS on iPhone

So I have a custom configuration on iOS via the NextDNS app. I have a separate NextDNS configuration on my router, which is less strict but obviously covers all my home devices. 

When I go to open let's say FB or IG for example, I can see in the Live Logs that they're going through the iOS NextDNS configuration. Great, this is expected.

However, when I open the Twitter app on my iPhone, the domains are logged on the Router logs, nothing on the iPhone's configuration logs. It's as if somehow Twitter is bypassing my NextDNS on my iPhone and forwarding up to my Router's configuration.

There are no allowlists for Twitter on the iPhone's stricter configuration.

How is Twitter able to bypass the Stricter NextDNS configuration on my iPhone but then somehow getting picked up by the router? Hopefully this can get fixed -- I wonder what else is bypassing NextDNS. 


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