Configure nextDNS CLI Per network configuration on Ubuntu based router configuration

Platform: Firewalla gold which is build on Ubuntu 18.

I started with this: 

sudo nextdns install -config cccc -report-client-info -cache-size=10MB -max-ttl=5s -discovery-dns -listen

Which works great. 

Reading https://github.com/nextdns/nextdns/wiki/Conditional-Configuration I see how to configure nextdns cli per network or for a mac address. I'm still trying to work out kinks on this, but currently I have this:

sudo nextdns install -report-client-info -cache-size=10MB -max-ttl=5s -discovery-dns -listen ${IP}:5555 -config -config [mac removed]=aaaa -config 14:98:77:4d:82:99=bbbb sudo nextdns restart

Something seems a bit off but I haven't figured it out. 

My main question though is I have some network segments I don't want to use nextDNS on. How can I say for this network, don't use nextDNS CLI? 

In part, my confusion is that the wiki (linked above) says: 


except this doesn't seem to be an install command. Needless to say, the documentation seems to be a bit lacking.  

My work in progress is here https://github.com/mbierman/Firewalla-NextDNS-CLI-install

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    • Michael_Bierman
    • 1 yr ago
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    O.K. I think I've solved the first part of the question:  Apparently this works. 

    sudo nextdns install -config ${IP}/24=${id} -config 14:98:77:56:73:1a=${idm} -config 14:98:77:4d:82:99=${idm} -config -report-client-info -cache-size=10MB -max-ttl=5s -discovery-dns ${IP} -listen ${IP}:5555
    • Michael_Bierman
    • 1 yr ago
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    Still looking for an answer….I’ll try restating the question:


    • Specify config  for some  devices (by mac or cidr) to be for NextDNS ID x
    • Forward all other device’s queries to a separate DoH   (Like Split Horizon or another provider

    I don’t know if this is currently supported or not.

      • R_P_M
      • 1 yr ago
      • Reported - view

      Michael Bierman As far as I see it the CLI client does not support splitting devices to use different provider, only globally. 

      • NextDNs
      • 1 yr ago
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      Michael Bierman this specific setup is not supported. You can only forward specific domains to another DNS server.

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