1 out of 3 Windows 11 computers "using NextDNS with no profile." with nextDNS configured on DD-WRT router

Everything was working fine for 3  household computers but suddenly only the two desktops are using nextdns and the laptop is now "using NextDNS with no profile."

Dell computers, nextDNS installed on DD-WRT.

- Original setup - used it setup under DNSmasq

- Troubleshooting setup - setup using smartDNS  -  issue remained identical - 2/3 working 1/3 not working.

- laptop is set to use DHCP settings, no manual DNS settings that I can find (IPv4 settings)

- DD-WRT router setup to block IPv6

No idea how the Windows 11 laptop is circumventing the DD-WRT settings

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    • P_Pace
    • 6 mths ago
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    Also just tested nextDNS / DD-WRT CLI install again... same result.  Desktop's good.... laptop "not using profile".

    • P_Pace
    • 6 mths ago
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    Ok... figured a solution out even if it's a little brute force.

    I just deleted every saved "{*interface-UUID*}"  from window's registry as described below as none of the 15 entries seemed to be an obvious culpret.   Network stayed connected, and nextDNS immediately started working again.


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