NextDNS CLI Not Restarting On Router Reboot

I tried searching for an answer with no luck.  Running AsusWRT-Merlin on a GT-AXE11000 (version 3004.388.4). CLI conf as follows:

profile [removed]
cache-size 10MB
control /var/run/nextdns.sock
report-client-info true
bogus-priv true
debug false
cache-max-age 0s
max-ttl 5s
use-hosts true
max-inflight-requests 256
timeout 5s
setup-router true
listen localhost:53
log-queries false
mdns all
detect-captive-portals false
hardened-privacy false
auto-activate true

I have the router scheduled to reboot once a week.  But after each reboot, I have to manually log into the router via terminal and restart NextDNS CLI. Is there any way to have nextdns restart with the router on reboot?


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    • James_Fox
    • 6 days ago
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    Does NextDNS Staff monitor these forums?

    • Miixms
    • 6 days ago
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    Its better to put this issue on the github for cli issues https://github.com/nextdns/nextdns/issues for quicker answer,


    But yes they look here 

      • James_Fox
      • 2 days ago
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      What's the point of this community that staff allegedly monitors if they don't respond?

      • Miixms
      • 2 days ago
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       because that github page is specialized in fixing the issue more quick

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