Important Inaccuracy in the NextDNS privacy policy


When you first signup for the NextDNS service. Logging is enabled by default and stored for 3 months on US servers.

This is in direct contradiction to what is very prominently stated in the privacy policy:

If not specifically requested by the user, no data is logged

Proposed Solutions

There are two simple fixes, either:

1. Align the defaults with the privacy policy: Change the defaults so that logging is an opt-in feature (or the user is asked for their preference during account creation).

2. Or, align the privacy policy with the defaults: Change the language of the privacy policy (remove the misleading statement that 'no data is logged if not specifically requested by the user').

My preference is option #1, but either solution would solve the contradiction in the privacy policy.


Supporting Evidence:

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    • user67409
    • 4 wk ago
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    As a first step, can someone connected with NextDNS at least acknowledge you are aware of the problem?

    • Daniel_Gray.1
    • 2 wk ago
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    This discussion came up on our forums.

    I reached out to NextDNS, via email, and to their staff account on this forum, but never got an answer.

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