Parental Control Questions

Hi - I am a new user to nextdns and had a few questions and feature requests regarding Parental controls.

For Youtube Restricted mode - can you add an option for the "moderate" fillter as well please?

For the block categories can you advise how these are sourced and tested?  How comprehensive is the pron filter vs a large longstanding community sourced one like OpenDNS?

Are you looking to add additional categories for more fine-grained control - if you compare to the paid CleanBrowsing categories as a example of some other categories that could be added.  eg. Alcohol, Drugs, Weapons, Forums that share adult content, hate speech, etc..

Thanks - I am liking the service and you are a bit cheaper than CleanBrowsing which I use currently.  I amy look at switching when my subscription is up but would be interested in planned/future updates and your thoughts on the items above.

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  • YouTube restricted mode is controlled by YouTube. The DNS setting to enable that just blocks certain YouTube elements, which automatically trigger restricted mode.

    The block lists are generally maintained in a worldwide database, which several privacy providers subscribe to. Most of the blocklists I have set in my NextDNS setup are the same ones I use in uBlock Origin browser extension - Fanboy, Peter Lowe, Easylist, etc. One that was completely new to me when Most of these lists are community maintained. I do not know the details of the "NextDNS Ads & Trackers Blocklist", but I imagine it's sourced from the more popular ones I mentioned before. (that's just a guess though)

    Based on my household experience of the last few months of using NextDNS, I can say the filters are VERY effective. I actually had to dial back my original configuration quite a bit. LOL! 

    I am just a customer, and the preceding statements are based on my observation and some guesses. Overall, I have been SUPER happy with NextDNS and have no regrets about the subscription fee.

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      Eric Peacock Hi I experienced this issue. When I access certain videos on Youtube I they are restricted. Also, the Youtube page shows restricted. How can I override the Youtube restriction? Please see attached screenshots. Thank You

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       Eric Peacock  It was my antivirus program.

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