NextDNS, Configuration Profiles, and iOS 14.4 Public Beta

At this moment, my iPhone 11 Pro Max is running iOS 14.4 public beta 02. Since late October 2020 I installed a signed configuration profile via apple.nextdns.io. The logs show some traffic from that device but not all traffic. For example, Apple host names are shown in the logs but not all of the traffic to Sling TV whilst content is being streamed to it via the Sling TV app. I know more traffic exists because a signed configuration profile is on my Apple TV 4K, and much traffic appears for that device whilst content is being streamed to it via the Sling TV app. According to the page when I log into the control panel in Safari mobile, the Setup page says NextDNS is not being used.


The most pertinent question is: why is this configuration profile that is in fact active not being effectuated? If it is not being effectuated, why does traffic appear in the logs from this device? NextDNS is selected in Settings ➡️ VPN and Network ➡️ DNS and the root CA is trusted in Settings ➡️ General ➡️ About ➡️ Certificate Trust Settings. Perhaps the profile has not been applied correctly since I installed it.

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  • What does https://test.nextdns.io say in Safari?

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      Romain Cointepas Sorry for not responding to this; I forgot. The console version works flawlessly which I use now. The profile on Big Sur simply does not work whatsoever even after installation. I did not uninstal Little Snitch to test whether that changes.

  • Here is an update that is important. Yesterday I resolved this issue. I switched from the app to the console programme via Homebrew. I followed the instructions to configure the process to activate automatically with some customisations. The result is much greater reliability comparable to the app or the configuration profile. Of course the issue arises when using NextDNS in conjunction with Little Snitch version 5.* and Mac OS version 11.*. Every time the machine rebooted and launched its user processes, I had to toggle the hardened privacy tick box and switch amongst the two tabs in the preferences dialogue to make NextDNS actually work.


    The takeaway about this is the console version of the programme truly does work without any user intervention under the aforementioned conditions and They whom use the app should consider switching to the console version. As a general note, it is important to uninstal the app store app using a  programme like UninstallPKG. It will ensure _everything_ is removed including receipts and bill of materials files.

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