Feature Request: Pause/Stop all blockers

Pi-Hole has this very useful feature where I can pause all the Blocklists for 30 seconds or permanently stop it until I manually start it again. The DNS still resolves hosts while paused/stopped, but it'll not implement any Blocklists and will resolve all hosts.

I find this really useful if I'm trying to decide something quickly, or want to browse to a site that's not rendering well but don't want to permanently add it to whitelist.

Nextdns could really benefit from such a feature, especially for paying users. It can be part of the premium offering for customers paying the monthly or annual fees.

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  • I would appreciate such a feature.

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  • Yes It is great feature. Some iot devices cannot upgrade firmware. I need to remove all filters and re-add it again

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  • +1

    There are times when aggressive filtering blocks important requests (usually because they have tracking redirects ahead of them).  It's not feasible to go in and disable block lists trying to get the request working.  Being able to temporarily pause all blocking is a simple and intuitive feature that would make my life 100x easier.

    FYI, this is a duplicate of another feature request that has more traction: Temporarily disable filtering - Ideas - NextDNS Help Center

  • Also voting for this.  A selected filter was blocking a particular banking app on my phone from connecting.  I can certainly disable filters one by one and leave out the offending party, but that'll take considerable time.  I still had to get to my PC before I could remove all filters and use my app.  That's a significant drawback.  A quick toggle would go a long way to at least make working around these issues faster and easier.

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