NextDNS Correction White List

Some sites are incorrectly, by mistake or too strictly on blacklisted on external lists.

Several users will encounter the same problem, let says on api.example.com has been BL by mistake. Lot of new users will complain until the error is corrected on that BL, which might required several days...

After few complaints, messages in forum, api.example.com could be added to NextDNS Correction White List.

If this leads to too many problems, make it just a simple text field that can be copied by everyone who wants it all or several parts.

To manage it, several volunteers, like those who are helping for the translations.

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  • I would like to use this but have had this kind of thing block malware scanners and lastpass, etc.  it was so irritating i uninstalled.  Am I just dumb?  does NexDNS have a superior whitelist function?  

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      • 3 wk ago
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      chris mead You have a White List tab in my.nextdns.io but to figure out which of yours selected lists has blocked one host, activate ~"Blocking Page" in the Parameters tab. When a host is blocked you will see in that BP by which list(s).

      Another solution is to use the browser Inspection Tool, in the menu open it, go to the tab Network and you will see blocked hosts in red. Perhaps need to refresh or do this several times, new authorized hosts might afterwards need hosts which are blocked.

      Sometimes it's the visited site and/or internet which have a problem. You can try to connect using a VPN (disable all protections adware/trackers) or find a web proxy where you can test the URL you want to visit.

      This one can do the trick: https://urlscan.io

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      • 3 wk ago
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      chris mead To add a general explanation which might help others to solve blocked domain.

      For an email, display the source of the email, search for 'src=' to find the links of the images.

      Copy it, clean it if required, mostly remove new line and = sign, paste in a browser to see nextdns.io blocking page alert with the lists which block the link.

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  • chris mead said:
    does NexDNS have a superior whitelist function?  

     Yes. See e.g. metadata/threat-intelligence-feeds.json at master · nextdns/metadata (github.com)


    But that doesn't help with many false positives from lists like StevenBlack one.

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