iOS visual voicemail malfunction



I’m posting here hoping someone will be able to help me. I encounter a strange behavior with visual voicemail on my iPhone.


I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro Max on the latest iOS version (14.5.1) with two SIM cards:

An Orange France eSIM

A Bouygues Telecom physical SIM

Both carrier settings versions are on 46.0


When I get a voicemail on the physical SIM card everything is working as expected, but when I get one on the eSIM, as long as NextDNS is enabled I won’t receive the voicemail notification, which is pretty annoying.

I was able to reproduce the same malfunction on two different iPhones with the same configuration. Nothing seems to be blocked in the logs so I can’t understand what’s wrong, especially since everything else (like VoLTE, WiFi Calling etc.) is working great.


Thanks you in advance

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  • Possibly related to https://help.nextdns.io/t/y4hzff7/nextdspecific-blocking-all-textmedia-messages?r=p8hzv0h#p8hzv0h

    One of it's thread responses mentions telephony domain whitelisting & opening/forwarding specific ports. However that thread is in the context of American wireless carriers so you might have to research & modify the concept for the specific UK/France wireless carrier(s) you're using

  • Hello

    @rems I just noticed the same issue on my iPhone 12 when I switched to an eSIM (Sosh). Did you find a solution to that problem? 


  • I actually discovered something interesting. I had installed the NextDNS DNS profile on iOS. As soon as I removed it, my messages appeared on the voicemail. Even if I am behind a router configured to use NextDNS. So I suspect NextDNS is not blocking anything it should not. The issue seems to come from iOS and the way it uses DNS configuration. Could someone confirm ?

  • Also noticed I can't send iMessage when on 4G with NextDNS profile installed. On Wifi everything is fine.

  • Could you try with the same profile you are currently using but excluding the domain "dav.orange.fr" (you can exclude specific domains on https://apple.nextdns.io, under Advanced), and tell us if that solves the issue?

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  • I have the same problem. I tried adding the full domain orange.fr in the white list, but that doesn’t solve the issue. As soon as I deactivate NextDNS, the voicemails show in the phone app.

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