Linked IP and VPN ?

I am using a VPN via Wireguard on my OPNSense router. 


My NextDNS Setup shows I am linked to the IP via my VPN.

What about traffic not going through VPN (I am routing certain devices out my WAN IP), are those devices still using NextDNS? 

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    You can connect different devices with different IPs as long as you don't use (more than 1) DNSv4.

    It's better to use DoH/DoT anyway.

  • As long as you make 2 configuration in nextdns to link those 2 IP and do a proper routing in your opensense router especially for dns request then the answer is yes. To add new configuration just click the link on upper left of your first configuration homepage.

    You can always connect to nextdns with unlimited IPs as long as the configuration on both account and routers/devices are correct. If someone said otherwise just ignore it. 😀

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    • aioyups Hi - thanks for the reply.  So this was a little more challenging than I'd thought ...   What I did was:

      1. Disabled my VPN
      2. Created a new configuration
      3. linked the new configuration to my non-VPN IP

      So now I have two configurations - 1 w/ my VPN IP and 1 w/o my VPN IP

      Does that sound correct?

    • Luigi calamar 

    • Luigi calamar t is difficult to check as my laptop's browser is the only way I can set this up - and my browser can only be on one configuration at a time (with or without my VPN running)...   If I go into one of the other configurations - then I only see the IP of what my browser is currently using... so I have to take it on faith that the other configuration is effectively using the other IP.... Make sense???

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