Linked IP connects to far servers

I successfully setup Linked IP to my TP-Link router, and filled two NextDNS IPs to router's DNS fields. However, it always connects to far servers in Hongkong or Singapore instead of -han servers in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Any solution for this issue?

Here is log after running ping.nextdns.com:

  anexia-han        3 ms  (ultralow1)

  greencloud-han    4 ms  (ultralow2)

■ anexia-hkg      111 ms  (anycast2)

  zepto-hkg       115 ms

  vultr-sin       120 ms  (anycast1)

  imcloud-tpe     126 ms

  premiumrdp-kul  129 ms

  anexia-tpe      141 ms

  premiumrdp-bkk  162 ms

  thegigabit-kul  188 ms

  bangmod-bkk     211 ms

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    • Duc_Tran
    • 1 yr ago
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    Had to come back to Cloudflare DNS. So slow on NextDNS configed in the router.

    • Duc_Tran
    • 1 yr ago
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    Hello, anyone else

    • BigDargon
    • 1 yr ago
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    Link-IP or use IP 45.90.28.x and 45.90.30.x fill in DNS router will ALWAYS use anycast server. Only some routers that support encrypted DNS can use ultralow servers in Vietnam.

    For example Mikrotik (DoH), Asus (DoT), routers that install fw OpenWRT, .. all ISP's routers in Vietnam do not support encrypted DNS.

    I recommend using your device's built-in native DNS such as profile (iOS 14 or later) or private DNS (android 9 and above)

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