Hide IP Address

It would be nice NextDNS bring this features 
Automatically hide  IP address from ISP or website. 


one thing that NextDNS is missing about biggest privacy is that it doesn't hide IP Address.


Security wise . It's not powerful as Edge Browser does. so It need to more protect against  phishing and malware . It need to bring whole network isolation.  Google's Safe Browsing well It's not powerful. Even Microsoft says Edge Browser's Defender SmartScreen is blocks more phishing and malware attempts than Google's Safe Browsing.  NextDNS choose Google's Safe Browsing which isn't that great. Today's modern life that is not enough. 

Second Privacy wise it's not good as Cloudflare WARP.  It need to brings features like Cloudflare WARP to protect whole Network. It's time to NextDNS to change to the next steps. 


Ping, Well Overall ping speed aren't fast. lot slower than Cloudflare. We wants faster DNS ...  London. Dublin, Toronto, New York, Tokyo, Seoul. They all have ping 40ms which is slow. 

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  • Wow! few posts and many critics against NextDNS. You are aware you are mixing up technologies, services and applications? Also, it will be good to illustrate your claims instead of saying they don't do a good job.  NextDNS offers a great ping (check my answer from your other post), all my DNS requests are encrypted. Their services are excellent. 

    Some providers are offering best of breed services like others provide more a general approach.

    So, instead of telling to NextDNS dev what they should do, pick up what is best for you.

    Personally I don't expect or want NextDNS to provide VPN services. I want them to focus on the best DNS services and they do today a great job.

      • Andrew B
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      Pierre Cartier NO not VPN provide us more secure and privacy like hide ip address

      • Andrew B
      • Andrew_B
      • 3 wk ago
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      Pierre Cartier Do you want ISP or government to snooping your personal info or ip address or hacker  steal your info?

    • juliank He clearly doesn't know what he is talking about. Just polluting the community with some BS. There a space for that FB or Reddit. 

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    • Andrew B You are aware that Cloudflare WARP doesn't hide you IP, aren't you? It just encrypts your traffic. 

      Netflix works without issue with WARP enabled when usually, they will detect VPNs trying to conceal the user’s location and IP, and block streaming.

      Also, I'm going to take the less charitable interpretation that it's meant to enable Cloudflare to essentially sell Warp users' IPs to Cloudflare customers as an added perk.

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