NextDNS : prevent DNS change on iOS ... kids are smart


just discovering nextDNS and it's amazing.

but on kids ios device the older one already found the way to disable it... 

i was willing to use DNSCloak iOS app and configure it to use nextDNS 
DNSCloak can be password protected and has an "allways on" feature that prevent the user from turning the custom DNS resolving OFF

i would love the nextDNS app to take this path for futur versions

is there any tutorial to use DNSCloak with nextDNS ?



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  • managed to make it work

    just added manually the provided stamp to the configuration file .

      stamp = 'sdns://ksdfsdnfsqfunrcjnirncpruncsnpciudnjdwhfsqdbdvb'

  • For Apple devices, you can use this tool:


    No Third-Party tool needed.

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  • yes but i think that they can still delete the profile ... with DNSCloak you can be sure that the settings can't be changed

  • i can't get the Prohibit Disablement option to work with an iphone ... 

      • tekfranz
      • tekfranz
      • 1 yr ago
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      Olivier Hericord 

      mare you saying this also doesn’t work with DNSCloak installed?

    • Olivier Hericord this does only work with mobile device management (MDM) deployment.

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