Don't remember having account, want a refund.

Hi NextDNS,

I already email you about this problems, perhaps posting it here will get faster responses from you. Today I receive a receipt from paypal for automatic payment to you. I don't remember having an account with you. I check my password manager and didn't found an account in NextDNS. I try forgot password, but receive no mail to reset my password.

The billing started last year. For that billing, let it be. It has been 1 year ago, even though I don't use any of your services, I don't mind. But for this new billing, I would like a refund. Paypal rejected my dispute, because the billing come from an automatic billing that I don't remember setting it up. I have disabled the automatic billing, and now I want that amount to be refunded. Please respond to my mail, or this post.

Best regards,



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