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I would like to get notified immediately when there's a reply sent directly to me.   Right now I receive notifications as part of my normal 4 hour digest.  I don't see anyway to configure direct replies to be sent immediately.

Is this possible?

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  • Go to Notifications - NextDNS Help Center


    set "How often?" to "as it happens"

    • DynamicNotSlow i follow many topics and occasionally reply to some of them.   If someone replies to me, I’d like to be notified immediately.  For everything else, I prefer the 4 hour setting (which I configured).   Many forum systems have settings to receive digests on a schedule while also receiving immediate notification when there’s a reply to a topic in which I’m a participant.   I’m not sure if I’m explaining it right.  This community system has a look and feel like no other system I’m used to.  It’s quite nice but works differently than most 

  • Doesn't appear to be currently possible, closest thing would be changing your notification subscription(s) to replies only and change the frequency to "as it happens"

    There's the separate "private messages" subscription that automatically sends a notification immediately regardless of the frequency but it's basically for direct messages only

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