Feature to be able to resolve domains in other countries like ControlD

I like nextdns and i dont want to switch, but i sometimes need to appear as American to watch some shows. ControlD DNS can reroute domains and appear as an ip from another country (just from DNS). It would be great if Nextdns would integrate this feature, since its the only thing that ControlD does better

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    • Hey
    • Hey
    • 8 mths ago
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    I would also like this, let's hope it's added but to give some information.

    There are server costs, a DNS server is far lighter than a Proxy server. So if they add this plan, it would also cost more, probably the same as their at 4$

    (DNS just gives the Domain Information/IP to the client, a proxy has to take all the Internet Traffic of the client to the server. Bandwith and a more powerful server will end up costing more to run.)

    That's still if they add it, running a proxy gives a lot of legal liability, Incase someone uses their services for illegal reasons, this could hurt NextDNS as a whole.

    So I'm on the same boat as you, I really hope it's added, if it isn't here are some rasons that could cause this to happen. 

    • Ben
    • Ben.3
    • 8 mths ago
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    Just registered to request this! I am using nextdns since the beta I love it but this would be really cool. Would be happy to pay a bit more ofc.

  • Yes, same as the above. Just signed up to Controld for this feature only. Works perfectly on my Apple TV. Would be nice to have this in NextDNS this way I don't have to mess about with another service.

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