Squid proxy not using NextDNS


I'm running a VPS with Squid proxy and NextDNS (NextDNS DNS Command-Line Client) on it.

I use that VPS as HTTP proxy, but for some reasons Squid don't use NextDNS servers.

How do I config encrypted DNS on Linux then if the NextDNS client don't work?

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  • Squid uses the DNS servers added in the config file (squid.conf). It doesn't use the local system dns.

    • Jacob Bakker thank you for your comment.

      How do I encrypt DNS queries, then? Because the NextDNS client doesn't work.

    • Der Auslander I don't think you can with Squid as it uses plain dns. You would need a local DNS server/router for DOH or DOT and configure squid to use this dns server.

    • Jacob Bakker I resolved it using Stubby and settings Squid to use Stubby.

      Thank you anyway!

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