How to set up NextDNS+NordVPN on Windows 11?

Hello NextDNS ccommunity

Do I need to change DNS settings on the Eternet or TAP-NordVPN or both Network adapter? Or use the NextDNS app and, can I see the changes the app made?


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    I've used Hide.me WeVPN ProtonVPN and Atlas at some points and they all worked flawlessly with the NextDNS Windows app, the only problematic one is Hotspot Shield that takes over any DNS option on Windows Android basically everything but other than that, it should be as simple as installing the NextDNS app and running the VPN of your choice.

    The only downside would be that streaming likely won't work as well because your DNS and your VPN are going to be different and VPNs use many DNS tricks to bypass geo location checks for streaming services.

    I've only used ProtonVPN for an extended amount of time though but I've used VPNs on Windows 10 and 11 Android 10-12 with NextDNS without an issue.

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    @hey thanks for you're answer. I totally forgot about the app, because I tried in the past but didn't see the DNS changed in win settings and didn't knew how it worked. And this way I can not name the device, or i´m doing something wrong? I have a PC and a Phone

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      Ben Dover I don't know about iOS but you should be able to name your device with a configuration (as stated don't have an iOS device just guessing based on the fact that it uses DoH)

      For Windows there is an option to report the device name, so whatever the devices name is it should report the device on the logs. So let's say Lenovo XYZ etc it should show up in your logs.

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