CoreDNS configuration

While you state configuration for a number of resolver products, CoreDNS is not one of them. I have it working in a basic setup at the moment, but it would be great if you guys can add a proposed configuration which includes for example a device name and both IP addresses! 

Much appreciated !

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  • You should read https://help.nextdns.io/category/knowledge-base

    Device name doesn't work with IPv4 and IPv6, you need to use DoH,

    • I use DoT, thanks.

  • CoreDNS is mostly used in cloud environments which is not really the target of our product, hence the lack of documentation on it. Could you please tell us more about your setup and what made you choose CoreDNS over our CLI for instance?

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    • Mine is a home network with a few dozen devices, many of them in the 'smart home' category. Through DHCP, all devices get pointed to a central resolver. 

      This resolver must: 

      1. Overrule public DNS records with a local reply (ie. resolve to instead of the public IP address of my ISP connection) 
      2. Defer to dnsmasq for the .lan zone, which is configured as a DHCP/DNS server
      3. All other queries get sent upstream to NextDNS over DoT (*not* DoH) 
      4. Run on OpenBSD

      I have no specific love for CoreDNS, other than that it's a very small (28MB memory used) and simple to configure. It's been running since before I knew about your product, but I would be happy to try your solution if it meets these requirements. 

    • Rob de Jonge the CLI can do all that except it uses DoH instead of DoT which does not make any difference.

      Use the « discovery-dns » with the IP of your dnsmasq to get your lan zone. You will also get client identification in your logs and analytics, which is a great help when debugging.

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    • Thanks very much for the clarification. I will have a look.

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