3 feature ideas

Hey team, really loving this product. The control it gives me over my privacy is superior. After using it for a month, I have 3 feature suggestions which would improve the product 


1- in the Analytics section, there is a chart for GAFAM dominance. I really want to see what is inside that "other" category, since it makes up about 50% of the chart. 


2. My Allowlist is scattered with many domains which I can no longer identify. Ideally I would be able to "tag" each domain with a label grouping (for example "Salesforce" or "Google cloud"). I would also like to press a single toggle to turn on and off all the domains within a label. 


3. The page where I can select blocklists is supurb. I wonder if there is an opportunity to create the same for Allowlists... Where I could search for Salesforce and add an allowlist of all Salesforce domains. 


Thank you for creating a great product. 



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