Sophos FW, multiple gateways - NO profile logging or analytics

We're using a Sophos FW at multiple locations.  Each FW has 2 ISP gateways.

Traffic will go from an IP address, associated with a NextDNS profile, but DNS requests are going out the other interface.


Client >>> AD Server forward to >> Sophos FW >> NextDNS

Sophos FW is sending outbound traffic via ISP1, and DNS is going to ISP2.  I wonder if this is because of Hops or coincidence. 

Not aware if possible to tell Sophos FW to use DNS1,DNS2 for Interface 1, and only DNS3 and DNS4 for interface2.

As configured, my logs are not logging.  I had them working last week on initial setup, but since then they are only working on a single profile.

Is there a way or can NextDNS permit multiple IP's to be associated with a DNS Server, single profile.



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