Thousands of a.root-servers.net queries from the router

Hello Team,

First of all I am extremely impressed the features that NextDNS is offering at a very reasonable price. Hats off!

However, I would like your little help in solving a problem that I have with the NextDNS setup. From the day I decided and setup NextDNS at router level ( TP-link XC220-G3v, stock firmware, NextDNS via linked IP), I am seeing a tremendous amount (several thousands a day) of queries being sent to a.root-servers.net, almost every second which is really frustrating. This totally breaks the point of logging and alters the view of logs and analytics that I would like to have. I have confirmed by running NextDNS at device level that the queries are being generated by the router itself. 

Please help me out.

Would be happy to share additional details if asked. 

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    • R_P_M
    • 7 days ago
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    TP-link (and probably other routers) are using that domain lookup to test it’s connectivity.

    To reduce that, do not set the IPv4 addresses on the wan settings, move them to the DHCP settings side. 

      • Al_Musavvir_Siddiqui
      • 7 days ago
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       Thanks for the suggestion, YES! Moving DNS addresses to DHCP to works!

      Have disabled custom DNS in wan settings and moved nextdns addresses to DHCP section. Now works good. 

      Thanks 👍

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