Work laptop not receiving DNS settings from router (openwrt) with nextdns enabled

So I am running openwrt on my router and have nextdns configured with a profile over the nextdns cli. This is awesome and works great on all my devices (TV, mobile, windows computers, etc..)

This morning I start up my work laptop and I have an internet but no wan access and DNS is failing to resolve on my work laptop. I check the ipv4 settings in Windows and I am not seeing a DNS server listed. The other issue is I don't have admin access to this laptop, so I can't manually set a DNS server on the adapter.

If I turn off nextdns cli on my router, and toggle wifi, I get a DNS server address that points to my router and it works like normal. 

For kicks and giggles I tried setting up browser only DNS over https in Firefox with my nextdns profile and that works fine.

This is a big issue though, as I now can't run nextdns on my router level as my work laptop won't grab the DNS server over DHCP for some reason... It grabs it fine over DHCP if the nextdns service is turned off in openwrt though....

I have another personal laptop running windows and that grabs the DNS server settings just fine with nextdns running.

Any thoughts? 

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    • Eric.11
    • 4 mths ago
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    So not 100% sure why this was only effecting my work laptop; but after manually setting OpenWRT to use as the DHCP dns server, my work laptop is now grabbing this dns server ip correctly when nextdns is turned on. Not sure why the dns server was set correctly when the nextdns service wasn't running vs when running.. and it only affected my work laptop.. hmm.. but all seems well now.

    • Tiago_Fassoni
    • 2 mths ago
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    I am having the exact same problem with the exact same solution. 


    On the one hand, thanks for the tip, it helped tons. On the other hand, this shouldn't happen! 

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