Microsoft Teams stopt working

Hi all...
Yesterday Microsoft Teams was working fine on all 3 the computers in my household.
Today my wife called me upset that she could’t log in to her work and that her MS Teams wasn’t working anymore.

My 2 kids sent me a message that for school there MS Teams also wasn’t working...

They asked iff others had troubles with MS Teams but there were no problems with other kids at there school.

Since i made no changes this week the only thing i could think of is that there were some change made in a filter nextdns...
I use the following filters:
- NextDNS 
- AdGuard Mobile ads
- Oisd
- AdGuard Basse 

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  • It is possibly the AdGuard bit misfiring. I have had a few banking sites and LinkedIn not work properly. Just remove that filtering for now or add the blocked entries in the allowlist.

  • https://help.nextdns.io/t/35hzc5h/microsoft-domains-are-being-blocked


    add the following domains to whitelist



  • Going to give it a try.
    Really sucks that these kinda things happen.. specially with home schooling.
    Thanks for the advice

  • Same issue here. From the Nextdns logs you I could tell it was easyprivacy blocking it, at least in my case. But checking the most recent easylist/easyprivacy list these wasnt on there. The fact that you're not using easyprivacy but adguard filters, it might suggest that nextdns made a mistake merging lists into their own?

    I've whitelisted a bunch of blocked domains and now Teams is working again.

  • could you specify which domains you have whitelisted I have the same issue.

  • its been fixed. Adguard pushed an update and it's been picked up by Nextdns

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