A pointed question: Why NextDNS?

In a world where we have OpenDNS, Quad9, Cloudfare, and other DNS services, I can't tell what makes NextDNS unique from the rest of the competition.  Like NextDNS, the other companies boast of some form of similar ad blocking, tracking, and malicious site blocking as well.  They all seem pretty similar. 

I can't find a quick YouTube video comparing X vs Y vs Z.  

In your own words (or at least sharing a link to a good review article or video I might've missed), why should I choose NextDNS over the competition? 

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  • It’s literally on their home page.    

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  • The below videos and articles may help you to choose a DNS provider, which meets your needs.

    DNS Security Review

    DNS Malware Filtering Compared: Quad9 VS Cloudflare VS DNS Filter VS OpenDNS / Cisco Umbrella

    DNS Malware Filtering Followup: Comments, Concerns, Cisco Corrections and Conversation



    CleanBrowsing dns vs Nextdns vs ControlD dns

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  • Nextdns allows you to customize the filter lists and tracking protection. All of the dns you mentioned don't allow you to do that. Another similar service is Adguard DNS 

  • NextDNS is the lowest latency DNS service in my country.

    • LazJedi  Which Country are you  talking about ? Does the Internet only work in your country ? 🤣

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      Chris Cramp in Turkey. And yes, 

  • Actualy, later, about 3 months ago I had a suspicious tought my gears were making weird calls to DNS providers, all DNS were pointing to USA and calls were being made at a request time of 1000/sec. NextDNS was the first providing me insight about DNS calls and preventing DDos bots, Mintm as well managing what's going outside my lans for DNS's questions.

    I end up changing computer and left my 2nd hand buying main machine :(


  • For me it's simplicity and the entire aspect of not having to compromise.

    The network is the largest in terms of any DNS that does filtering like Ads etc.

    Having the customization allows you to personally balance everything out, with the current setup I use with bypasses to a few anti-adblock mechanisms and using OISD. For months about 6-7 I haven't had to change or modify anything. Everything works perfectly and when it doesn't, it's not NextDNS but the site being weird by using New domains etc.

    The stability is also there, for me I've had better stability than my ISP as their DNS went down when there was a ton of additional requests with the Facebook disappearing deal. 




    To simplify thanks to the network size, you don't need to think about latency and general issues with speed or stability of the DNS.

    Thanks to the options to modify everything and AI etc, you get additional security and a reduction in page load times leading to better performance.

    Lastly thanks to their stability, we might get less features but they're polished and just work. For me it's become a part of simple life and if I somehow turn it off (sometimes on networks that block DoT) I instantly notice that it's not on from page info weather this be ads or slower load times.

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      Also instead of reading all of this, I suggest using it, it's extremely easy to tell the difference between how sites and the general way everything works changes with NextDNS, it's something that I didn't know I needed but now became an essential part of my internet, not just browsing but everything.

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