Methods To Bypass Some Anti-Adblocking

Well, I came across some sites like ApkMirror etc that have annoying Anti-Adblocking solutions. I found a few interesting tricks to get rid of some of them. Something that I do that's lesser known is to time out the connection to let's say doubleclick.net by giving it an IP that simply doesn't respond for a while and times out. I personally do doubleclick.net to on the rewrites page after allowing it. It can have some side effects but on some annoying websites like SBS AU's web player this is the only way to bypass it without modifying the requests. I also allow some connections. This does reduce your privacy protection but certain websites simply work after doing this.



These two are among the most used domains to check for Anti-Adblocking like I said before it does reduce your privacy but if you are getting stuck on a website you use trying this could help.

I will be happy to try bypassing some sites you guys use, so if there is a situation where you can't go on a website that you must use I'll he happy to assist on making it work with as little impact on privacy as possible. I personally hate having any website that restricts my access because I decide to block their popups and annoying ads and don't want anyone to be blocked from using a site for that reason either. 

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    • DynamicNotSlow
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    Badness enumeration doesn’t work as it’s a cat-and-mouse Game. 

    if you don’t trust that site (which I wouldn’t), just leave it. It doesn’t make sense to reduce your privacy just for a website. 
    you will also break sites with your strange rewrites and if someone registered that IP, you can get easily infected. 
    highly not recommend 

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      DynamicNotSlow The IP is on the same IP range as doubleclick.net just the final unused IP so unless Google is out there sending malware, shouldn't be an issue. And anyone can use any IP that's unused, that doesn't respond so giving it from an IP range that you trust is probably the key. For the case of reducing privacy for a site, I use multiple sites with basically the same Anti-Adblocker that sends a check request to Google Syndication / Ad Services and if it gets a response it let's me through. Although I agree with your statement of yeah just don't use the site but it's hard to find a replacement. So for people that either turn the whole DNS setting off this should be better for privacy to use a website. So I agree with what you say but I still use these sites, this isn't for anyone but people that are having annoying issues on the sites they use a lot and having to turn NextDNS off just to go on it.

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    Also as general info to this topic you don't have to time out doubleclick until allowing the two sites doesn't work, so it shouldn't be the first thing to do. As DynamicNotSlow said this is a cat and mouse game so things like Admiral or likes of it are basically a no go, the amount of privacy hit is wayy to high. But this can help with some cases of having to turn off adblocking to visit a website to make everything more seamless. Many of the news and downloading sites should function.

    • TheAliDev
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    I agree with you 

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