Allowed APP still not working...

I allowed one of my important apps and it's still not working. It keeps coming up in the logs too. I need some help. If I turn nextdns off, it works just fine again. 

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  • You don't need add any sub domain to whitelist. Just add "honeygain.com" and NextDNS will handle it

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    • DynamicNotSlow already tried. Same results. But when I use like adguard or something and different dns, I have no issues. 

      • Leonard
      • Leonard
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      Bearded Anarchy According to the log picture which you provided, the honeygain.com domain (and sub domain) had been passed and resolved by NextDNS. If the domain were blocked by the rules, there had the red bar before the domain. And then if you added the blocked domain on the allowed list, and resolved again, the green bar would before the domain. Please refer to the attached file. I think there might be a third party service had been blocked, so that you can not use the honeygain app under NextDNS. I suggest you to the following things to debug by yourself. Open the app and observe the log at the same time to see which domain had been blocked, find them and added it on the allowed list once a time, reopen the app and see if the app could work or not. If it can’t work, repeat the debug cycle until your app could successfully work.

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    • Leonard I've really tried. I've opened Honeygain and as soon as I do and see anything being blocked, I'll add that link to the allow. STILL nothing. I'm getting so frustrated I can't find the one thing that is blocking the app from working. 

    • Bearded Anarchy another way to deal with this:

      rather than trying to finding the thing blocking the app, just temporarily turn off nextdns when you want to use the app.

      I do that frequently, rather than add to the allow list.  It’s a bit inconvenient, but over time adding new entries to the allow list dilutes the value of nextdns

    • Calvin Hobbes the thing is, this is a passive income app. It runs 24/7.

    • Bearded Anarchy interesting.   I considered trying it for the troubleshooting challenge.   Then once I looked at their website, it appears to be way too sketchy for me to think about installing it.   Which is also probably why there’s not an iOS version.

      Based on their own description of creating proxies for others to use, it’s probably not an individual domain being blocked causing it to not work.   It’s probably many, many questionable domains being blocked.  The app is attempting to validate that you’re online by connecting to various systems and nextdns is blocking them.  Every time you add a new entry to the allow list, the app tries connecting  to a different system, which is also blocked.

      my guess: nextdns blocklists are trying to protect you from this app.   If you really want to use it, you’ll likely have to turn off nextdns.

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    • Calvin Hobbes I definitely appreciate you looking into it for me. It helped me a lot. 

  • The log in default will show  all of your DNS  query results (passed, blocked and allowed). If NextDNS blocked the query, it would showed like as the attached file. 

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  • Calvin Hobbes said:
    Then once I looked at their website, it appears to be way too sketchy for me to think about installing it.


    Someone might be using your connection (so your IP address) to perform illegal activities on the internet...

    (Since it’s your IP, you will be (held) responsible)

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