iPhone and Ticket to Ride game unable to connect

I'm having trouble playing a game (Ticket to Ride by Asmodee Digital) on my iPhone whilst NextDNS is running.

I have NextDNS installed and running on my router (Unifi USG), and also on my iPhone (iOS 15.6.1).

When the iPhone is connected to the home network all is good, I can connect and play with no problems. However, as soon as I'm not on WiFi the game is "unable to connect to the servers". This happens whether I'm using the NextDNS app, or installing the iOS profile. If I turn NextDNS off, then the game connects again.

I've checked the logs, and nothing's getting blocked (indeed, it connects just fine on the WiFi where NextDNS is also running). Any ideas what might be going on?

Should also mention that I'm not using any other blocking software or VPNs on the iPhone or home network.

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  • What are you switching to when not on home WiFi?

    • R P M just my mobile phone operator (3, in the UK).
      I’ve also had occasions where the internet connection seems to die completely while connected to mobile data, in those cases toggling NextDNS off/on sorts it, but no luck at all with this game and NextDNS. 

  • Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, with and without custom setup. But no joy.

    With that and the lack of any real support, I think that ends my NextDNS experiment. 

    Back to the pi-hole for now, I may check back every now and then and see if it's working on iOS yet.

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