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I setup my daughter's Windows 10 laptop to use NextDNS. In the network adapter settings, I set the DNS servers to those provided by NextDNS, as per the Setup page on my.nextdns.io. This works great at home. However, when my daughter goes to school, none of her DNS queries go through NextDNS. I thought perhaps that the school offers IPv6, so I additionally setup NextDNS on the adapter for IPv6, as per the setup instructions. Unfortunately, this didn't help. Any suggestions, or troubleshooting ideas?

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  • Putting the DNS settings is the first part, you have to sync the IP on the account. That would require constant syncing so I'd advise to download the Windows App, it automatically sets it up through encrypted DNS and it doesn't require syncing the IP as your client ID is reported to connect.

    To make it extremely simple, setup the Windows client and enter the configuration ID, as long as your daughter doesn't turn it off, it'll keep you connected on any network that she connects to.

    • Hey , thanks for the reply!  I forgot to mention that for IPv4, I do know that I need to link the IP for DNS filtering to work.  To that end, I created a simple task through the Windows task scheduler that hourly sends a powershell command to request the special URL that's listed on the profile's setup page. (My daughter would certainly turn off the Windows client, so that's why I went the other route :))

      I checked and I can confirm that it does get called as expected.  When at home, I can reliably get the filtering to work, so I feel like this is working.  I'm assuming that the school may have IPv6, but that's just a guess.  I don't think that the linking is needed for IPv6. 

  • A follow up question on this one.  My daughter took her laptop to another place and connected to the wifi and it similarly was not picking up the nextdns custom filtering.  It consistently works when at home.  On Windows, when following the setup guide for ipv4 (or ipV6 for that matter) for Windows, are DNS settings per connection?  I know that's how it works on iOS and Chrome OS.  But I configured it on the network adapter for Windows, which to me seems to imply it is machine wide, regardless of the access point being connected to.  Is that right?

    • Notre Poubelle There needs to be a way for NextDNS to tell who you are so it can block what you want blocked. I don't know how you configured it but if all you entered were the IP addresses of NextDNS's DNS servers that isn't enough.

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    • Brian Gregory , yes!  I think that's the key.  I think I finally know what is happening.  My home network is setup with IPv4.  I did link the NextDNS profile to the IPv4 address.  But, I think the profile can only be linked to one IPv4 address at a time.  Once the device is connected to another network, it is still using NextDNS' dns service, but the IP doesn't match what I have linked anymore.  So, NextDNS doesn't know what profile to apply, and no rules aren't applied.

  • I'm using the YogaDNS option, and that seems to work well in that it's not as tempting/obvious to stop as the native NextDNS application, but it also works across different access points, including those that only support IPv4 (where I'd been resorting to linking, and that not working across different IPs).

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