Instructions on using on iPhone with VPN provider

I have this working with NordVPN. Nord allows you to enter a custom DNS server and here is what I have done. It’s not perfect but it does work. 

1. Setup a profile for your phone in NectDNS and copy the custom URL to link your IP address. 
2. Create two automations in the Shortcuts app that Apple provides. 
- The first one is for when you connect to a WiFi network and has the following: 

— When the phone connects to a WiFi network, call the custom URL to link your IP to the NextDNS configuration. 

- The second automation is 

— When I leave the location of my house, call the custom URL to link your IP to link your IP to the NextDNS configuration.  

With both of these I am always protected and my IP always linked to the NextDNS configuration. 

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    Thanks for this! I’m trying to get it to work, but it’s not working for me. I’ve attached a pic, and it’s probably totally wrong, but I’m new to Shortcuts. Would you mind posting a screenshot, please?

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