NextDNS Breaking Spotify


I'm unsure what domain is causing the problem, but when I have NextDNS active, Spotify grays out every track. I can still, however, shuffle play my music, just not select any individual tracks. This doesn't happen when NextDNS is disabled, and I've added every domain I can think of to the allowlist.

I'd appreciate if anyone knew which specific domains I need to whitelist in order to get Spotify to work correctly with NextDNS.

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  • NextDNS by itself does not block anything. The settings, options and lists does it.

    It would have took much less time to look in Logs, details what is blocked and by which list. This should be the first thing to check when something does not work.

    If you use CHEF-KOCH's HOSTS Spotify Ad-Filter List, disabled it, it's garbage. It would be better to don't enable any list which is not updated regularly and also use only a few good ones, not dozens.

    *I hope you do have Spotify Premium, with Free you can't listen what song you want, except in few selected Playlists.

    • losnad ...Yes, I have Premium. And I also tried checking the logs. But nothing stood out, and the few things that I tried allowing didn't seem to help any. I wouldn't call it "much less time", considering I've been trying to fix this for weeks.


      I should note that I can't just allow EVERYTHING in the logs, as that would... defeat the point of using NextDNS. That, and my PC's making requests for services other than Spotify.

  • I didn't say to allow anything. With a good selection of settings and lists you would not have problems.

    I don't have access to a PC now but this is what I see in my logs (I block many things on device)

    *. spotify.com

    *. scdn.co

    *. spotifycdn.com


    Just to be sure it is not another issue, change the DNS from NextDNS. If you still have the same problem it might be the app or something on your device. Maybe a fresh install of the app... Maybe the firewall or some app it is blocking some connections...

    You can also try the web player if that works.

    • losnad The web player works fine. The application works fine when I'm not using NextDNS. Whitelisting those domains doesn't seem to fix it.

  • Alright, I used a config provided by losnad and the problem's still occurring. Again, the problem doesn't exist when I'm not using NextDNS.

  • what blocklist(s) are you using?

  • As everyone said, NextDNS doesn't block a website by itself, the filters do. I have light filtering with my configuration and haven't had any problems with Spotify, so some filter is clearly braking your experience. 

  • Try removing all filters except for oisd.   oisd is known for excellent blocking without false positives.

  • Yes, I know NextDNS doesn't block anything by default. But, again, I used a config provided by @losnad, and had the same problem. I'm assuming that provided config was empty.

    • Braedon Hinchliffe - Your assumption may be incorrect.  Try removing all filters except for oisd and report back to us.

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      I would also recommend the above, try to only use OISD, then reboot the device to completely clear the DNS cache. After that the issue should be resolved.

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