Can't access educational sites with NextDNS

I've been using NextDNS for a short while now and I am happy with the huge reduction in ads on all of our devices.

I've setup my draytek router to use NexDNS and that works well. Mobile devices have the app installed and that works well too.

But... My kids have to do quite a bit of their homework on the internet and NextDNS is blocking the access to a lot of that; even with a default profile (new profile, no additional settings).

For example: they have to scan a QR-code and are taken to the right lesson online. The QR below contains a link to "http://qr.linktm.nl/qr1002073", which redirects to "https://thiememeulenhoff.bbvms.com/view/zso_qr_responsive/2724340.html" which is a hearing exercise in German. Both links are not allowed.


If I whitelist these domains, then the page loads, but the audio file is not playable it keeps showing the loading-animation.
Whitelisting is not my most favourable option, as every book has there own (set of) links and there are sometimes multiple books per subject.. with max 11 subjects per kid and three kids that's quite a list! Which changes every year...

Can someone explain to me wat the reason is to block these kind of sites? is there some sketchy content? are the redirects suspicious? If so I can contact the makers and ask them to clean up their content.

If it is not about some suspicious content, how can I let them access these sites the easiest way?

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  • You should check first your log

  • Isn’t it sufficient to whitelist vms.bluebillywig.com?

    According to the logs that’s a domain on the NextDNS ad/tracker blocklist (which gets hit when you try opening the link in the QR code).

  • 1. You add to Allowlist

    vms.bluebillywig.com &


    Or 2. You disable NextDNS Ads & Trackers Blocklist (temporarily or permanently on specific profile(s) ).

    Or 3. You wait for answers and things to get solved.

    *  Even the new profile has filtering enabled, that's why you should always look in the Logs and check the details for the block reasons and act accordingly. Enable or disable what lists and settings are the best for you.

    * qr.linktm.nl does not need to be Allowed as it is not blocked.

  • strange... I've added a comment a few days back but it is gone...
    Anyway; Thanks @rob and @losnad; adding the bluebillywig to the whitelist did it.

    Is there anywhere to be seen why certain domains are on the blocklist? This can be helpfull when deciding to add it to the whitelist.

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