NextDNS -switching on and off


I use NextDNS on an Android phone.

my work wifi does not allow private DNS to be set.

I would like to turn it on and off, simply.

This is possible on Apple's system.

This cannot be done on Android?

it would be nice not to switch it on in the phone settings!



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    • TIBCSI66
    • 1 mth ago
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    This can still be used on Android 14?

    NextDNS 1.2 APK Download by NextDNS - APKMirror

    • First_Last.3
    • 3 wk ago
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    Only after disabling NextDNS I can use my local network printer. 

    So I need the old NextDNS app with the Toggle

    But is no longer in the Google Store !! Why not??

    I see on this page a link to download a APK file...but why should I trust this APK? 

    Why this App is gone? 

    Alternative ways to fast turn of Private DNS? (or a fix so my local printers (direct wifi) are going to work from my android devices)

    if it not can be solved, I have to move to another brand/system.

    • gianpaj
    • 3 wk ago
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    I have a similar android app feature request. Disable the DNS for 15 minutes, for example. Like Cloudflare's


    I'm an react native developer looking to learn Kotlin. Is the app open source?



    gianpaj on GitHub and LinkedIn 

    • First_Last.3
    • 10 days ago
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    Now set Private-DNS in Android to nextdns, with a custom prefix ánd my local network printer is working ! And NextDNS is still working. So no need to use an app. Problem solved.

    (was also looking for an app to fast-switch Private-DNS on/off, but could not find) 

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