Feature Request: Parental Control - Daily App/Domain Usage Limit

I'm well-aware of the existence of Recreational Time to limit the usage of certain websites/apps to specific hours and days, but is it possible to create a daily usage limit where it tracks usage duration?


1. a user may access TikTok on any day at any hour, but their usage duration is limited to 3 hours a day.

2. an Epic Games/Steam gamer may play on any day at any hour, but their playtime is limited to 4 hours a day.


Some options for resetting daily usage limit

1. The daily usage limit resets after the clock hits 00.00 in the user's local time-zone (may be easily bypass-able if the user is using an app/website an hour before midnight, potentially adding more hours of usage than intended)

2. The daily usage limit resets 24 hours after their initial usage within a day. For example, if a YouTube user has spent 4 hours on YouTube and their local time is 22:00 where their daily limit is reached, then the duration limit will reset at 18:00 in the next day because (s)he began watching youtube at 18:00. I personally prefer this option.

3. Manual reset button in the settings.



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