How can I make my work computer bypass NextDNS?

Hello, I have NextDNS setup on my router, behind my router I have a home personal computer, and a work computer.

NextDNS is causing some web scripting issues on some services my company uses and I would like to completely bypass NextDNS on my work computer.

Anyway to configure nextdns to ignore a private IP or mac-address coming from my work computer maybe?

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    • RJWaring
    • Systems & Application Analyst / Developer
    • RJWaring
    • 3 mths ago
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    Hi Stephen, 

    Have you attempted to whitelist your companies web domain's and IP's within NextDNS's "Allowlist" once the addresses have been updated it can take a few minutes to flow through. 

    "Allowing a domain will automatically allow all its subdomains. Allowing takes precedence over everything else, including security features."

    • RJWaring I have, but because I'm using a number of services like Teams, Zoom, GTM, Azure resources its pretty hard to whitelist all of them and they are changing all the time. Ideally I'd like to just allow my whole private IP to bypass nextDNS on my work laptop.

      Otherwise I will have to remove it from my router and only install nextDNS app on my personal laptop and not use it at my router level. 

  • You can also install NextDNS client with other ID than used for your router or without any ID.

    Instead of NextDNS client you can install YogaDNS configured to some other DNS provider.

  • Short answer is No, there's no IP/MAC address exceptions in NextDNS.

    Although, You can either setup a 2nd config with no blocklists and have your work computer use it's endpoints exclusively or you can keep your existing config but manually set alternative dns servers via Windows Network Settings for the work computer's wireless/wired connection. If you do the latter then you might have to disable "Block Bypass Methods" (if enabled and) if NextDNS intercepts the dns traffic to whatever else you set as the custom/alternative dns servers on your work machine

  • Can't he just change the DNS servers in the Network card's TCP/IP Properties? That should bypass the router's DNS forwarding calls, no?

      • Greg B.
      • nisten
      • 3 mths ago
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      JH depends if they're trying to use NextDNS with no blocking or use a different DNS provider altogether

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