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Hi. Is there a way to enforce strict safesearch? It seems to default to moderate. 

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    I use the safe search on the Parental Controls tab and for Google its set to Safe Search on with no way to disable and for DuckDuckGo you need to manually go on the settings to change it as it seems like the design choice.

    Going on 


    It says using safe.duckduckgo.com is going to force safe search and not let it be disabled but doesn't exactly work as intended using their method.

    So if you're talking about DuckDuckGo seems like it's their problem as Google does it perfectly.

    • A_drianne
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    I just blocked the use of duckduckgo and yahoo bc I read you cannot force safesearch for yahoo?But this is what I did and it seems to work fine, under settings look for "rewrites" I assume its the same as cname ...  

    I am having alot of trouble uploading a screenshot 

    *.www.google.com → forcesafesearch.google.com

    *.www.bing.com → strict.bing.com

    *.www.youtube.com → restrictmoderate.youtube.com

    *.m.youtube.com → resrtictmoderate.youtube.com

    *.www.youtube-nocookie.com → restrictmoderate.youtube.com

    *.youtubei.googleapis.com → restrictmoderate.youtube.com

    *.youtube.googleapis.com → restrictmoderate.youtube.com

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      Adrianne Curran There is an option in parental controls that does YouTube Restricted Mode from what I know, enabled it once for testing and forgot to see half of my subscriptions disappear from my feed so seems like that works and probably is easier than manually re-writing.

      Just wanted to let you know if it does what you're trying to do easier to apply over multiple configurations.

      • A_drianne
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      Hey yes might be easier but there's many different ways to access youtube, if you want to cover every angle then you have to change the cname records for all 5 of those for it to be restricted the way you want 

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