Differentiate between clients coming from the same Public IP

What is the meaning of the endpoints? I want to create two different profiles for two sets of users (consider Employee and Guest)  but all the traffic will egress from one location only. How can I do this? Can I do using endpoints? We don't have IPv6 support. 


P.s : We plan to buy the Pro or business service so there is no limitation there. 

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  • you need 2 seperate routers for employee and guest.. then you can split

  • How would that work? Please advise. 

    We have 80 sites and all the traffic from the 20 sites comes to an a single location and goes out from there. It will egress from one location only (so 1 public IP) but policy-wise, I want to configure a different profile for all the sites. How will the DNS server know if the traffic comes from site 1 vs site 2 and honor the policy accordingly? 

  • If it's to not control what they do but to have security, you can use the per device setup options like Private DNS / Profiles / Apps so they can not only be separated but also carry the same protection no matter if they're at work or home.

    If you want to control the activity you can create two different profiles set one up on one router and another on a different one with different setups.

  • Look into the CLI program (NextDNS CLI). I have used it in the past for exactly this.

    I had a container setup and configured to do conditional forwarding based on originating subnet. Subnet X would use ID 1 and subnet Y used ID 2, etc etc. 


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