Backblaze B2 blocked by NextDNS Ads & Trackers Blocklist?

I noticed over the past two days that my b2 backups were failing. This is their object storage end point. After digging into it, it seems "f000.backblazeb2.com" is now NXDOMAIN. I realize they had an "oops" with their web client, but not sure why their API object storage domain is blocked too. In fact, if facebook was blocked, then their web interface wouldn't be leaking anything. So the API-only B2 storage was blocked, but not backblaze.com main domain?


Here's how I know which list blocked it, from "Blocked Reasons"

NextDNS Ads & Trackers Blocklist 32,190,961

In case you're wondering, almost all of the 32m blocked queries are from cronjobs trying to do the backups. So now I have hundreds of hung backup jobs because they cannot resolve backblazeb2.com. I've added it to my allowlist for now. Just wondering why such a broad block was added to the blocklist.


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