on Android getting no internet after little cuts

hello there

i am using nextdns almost for a month, and i try to use it on my all devices 

on my router settings as DNS, DNS over TLS  and DNS over HTTPS 

also on my android phone i use private DNS ( DNS over TLS )

at home wifi i connect via my android phone, everything works perfect but when i go to  back rooms of house  and wifi connections cutting for like 3/4 seconds then getting again wifi connection ( or getting fast transaction 5ghz to 2.4ghz for a while ) but this time i can not get internet even i am on my wifi, Webpages do not load, apps not work/refresh (no error, just constantly try to loading). The fix is switch to cellular or restart to phone also its work when i switch to cellular first then return back to wifi connection

some apps like instgram do not load after i get the internet connection back again , few apps like instgram works properly when i reboot the phone 

i have  2 other mobile phones on wifi connection but only it happens on my Xiaomi mi 8 lite phone.. other phones works properly

i made hundreds of search on internet regarding to this but nothing hepled to fix this

i really want to use nextdns as premium but this makes question marks on my head

awaiting your help for this subject


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  • Umur Soydan said:
    i have  2 other mobile phones on wifi connection but only it happens on my Xiaomi mi 8 lite phone.. other phones works properly

     So it's not a problem on NextDNS nor your network side but your Xiaomi.

    Nothing can be solved on NextDNS side.

    Contact Xiaomi

  • i think its not cause of xiaomi, i checked most of topics in there, some of people faces with same problems on Android side, ''Xiaomi'' not the common point.. there is another thing which creating the problem.. millions of people uses Xiaomi devices and DNS servers but nothing creating problem when checking around

    like 2 days ago my cousin visited me and it had xiaomi phone and didnt face such a problem on my wifi...

    also here same stories as mine which grabbed here ;




    on the other hand here is the community and we are all work for the best usage of nextDNS, it doesnt matter where the problem comes fm device,andorid system,xiaomi.. etc. , we need to try solutions , exchange of ideas and fix the problem 

    awaiting ideas and actions for solution fm NextDns side 

  • If this only happens to a single phone and only when you're in the backrooms of your house then this might be a wifi issue with your specific phone, especially if your friend has a device from the same manufacturer and not experiencing the same issue (assuming they were in the backrooms also). It could indicate your phone has issues with band steering from 5ghz to 2.4ghz and vice versa. If available, one thing you can try is set a band preference on that device, you can start by preferring the 2.4ghz band as it has the longest wifi range and then you can test 5ghz as the preference to see if you can reproduce the problem on both bands, on one band only, or on neither band. If you can't reproduce the problem on neither band preference, then it could suggest a local steering issue on your wifi client/device. Another alternative is to temporarily split your network so there's a separate 2.4ghz option and a separate 5ghz option and then test connecting to both, when you're in the backrooms, to see if you can reproduce the problem. 5ghz is faster but has a shorter range. NextDNS doesn't impact your wifi range as that would depend on your router

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  • I partially solved the problem which mentioned yesterday as follows: The mi 8 lite phone was connected with wpa2 even though it saw wpa2 / wpa3 as a feature, the encryption was currently selected as wpa2 + wpa3, I changed it to wpa2, seamless transition in the back rooms even wifi  disconnected copuple of seconds .  but Internet going (although connected to wifi) occurred again, I was able to use nextdns actively with the next dns definitions entered in the router without any interruption in the internet after turning off the private dns option from the private dns settings on my phone, some operators I saw on the internet in foreign forums had problems in the private dns setting, especially  vodafone creates custom dNS te overall as i seen, I'll try to download and use nextdns app  from the play store for mobile networks

    it'd be great if someone has same problem with mine mention name of the mobile network operator  and phone brand, we can see common points to solve the problem

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