Support Whitelist for DNS Rebinding Protection

Please allow us to enable DNS Rebinding Protection but whitelist certain domains that can serve private IP addresses on the public DNS.

For example we could whitelist Plex and unraid.net domains.

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  • Rewrite rule does what you’re asking for 

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    • Calvin Hobbes New to nextdns, I'm currently running it on OPNSense (CLI version) how does one do that on the CLI version?  I'm having issues with Plex remote connections dying.  Previously in unbound I could just use custom options an put in plex.direct in there.  Not sure how to do that with the CLI.  Here is my current config:

      use-hosts true
      cache-size 20MB
      cache-max-age 0s
      detect-captive-portals false
      bogus-priv true
      control /var/run/nextdns.sock
      config yyyyyy
      log-queries false
      hardened-privacy false
      max-inflight-requests 256
      listen localhost:53
      report-client-info true
      auto-activate false
      max-ttl 5s
      timeout 5s
      setup-router false

    • Rafael Diaz rewrite rules are configured at https://my.nextdns.io under the settings tab, near the bottom of the page 

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    • Calvin Hobbes I'm not exactly sure how I would do that with nextdns.  Unbound it was pretty straight forward.

  • If you add the domain in your allowlist, it will do just that.

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